The Move: Part 2

We woke sleepy-eyed but excited at the ungodly hour of 3:30am on the 10th Feb,ready to say goodbye to our beloved home of Melbourne and start our journey to the U.S. We had to be at the airport at 5 am for our 7 am flight to Sydney, as  Virgin unfortunately stopped flying MEL-LAX directly in October [...]


The Move: Part 1

The past month has been a very very busy one! After receiving our approval at the U.S Consulate in Sydney and spending some time with family afterwards, we headed home with only 18 days to finish packing up our lives and move to Los Angeles. We halved our wardrobes, listed many things for sale on [...]

Our Consulate Interview: Part 2

After double, triple & quadruple checking that we had all of the documents we needed, we flew to Sydney a few days early, on the 10th of January. We spent this time with friends, and when the morning of the 13th came around, we got up early, checked all our documents again and walked to Martin [...]

Our Consulate Interview: Part 1

On the 25th November, after what felt like an eternal wait, we finally were given our interview date at the Sydney Consulate for our DV Lottery interview - 9am Tuesday 13th January. Finally, we could start planning!! The first thing we had to do is let our employers know. It was sad for me to [...]

Adding up the costs of the DV Green Card

Today I lodged my application for my National Police Check from Victoria Police so I decided to do a short blog post of our understanding of the costs of the DV Lottery process. (This is for us personally, in Melbourne, Australia). The National Police Check from Victoria costs $43.70. But first it cost me $5 to [...]

DV journey progress…

The DV Lottery, also known as the "Green Card Lottery" is a strange and confusing yet wondrous thing for anyone who wants the chance to live in the US permanently! Since Clint was selected in May, I have been researching it every spare moment I have, to understand how it all works. Initially I thought that [...]