Litchfield National Park

Day 7 of our NT Roadtrip took us from Nitmiluk N.P driving north to Litchfield N.P. We would be getting closer to Darwin, the landscape and weather is more tropical and humid. We were looking forward to swimming in the waterholes and waterfalls there! As we only had a 2WD we were restricted to staying on the track and there were a few places we could’ve liked to have gone (Lost City) that we could not.

Our first stop was the Magnetic Termite Mounds. The large empty field looks like a graveyard from a distance, with the termite mounds rising up out of the ground like tombstones. The mounds are aligned to the earths magnetic field in an ingenious way to climate-control their homes.

We continued driving into Litchfield N.P and stopped at Florence Falls for a swim . Florence Falls is a beautiful double waterfall amongst the tropical forest. It is a 160 steps climb down to the plunge pool but it is worth it!

Wangi Falls was our last stop that day – a popular swimming spot, with a cafe and campgrounds.


We found a campground to stay in for the night – Litchfield Safari Camp – and woke the next morning to explore the Cascades. We were the only ones out there on that morning, so it was quiet and beautiful to walk through the bush and swim in the water holes. It was definitely a favourite.


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