Budget for our Central Oz Adventure

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I research and plan my travel. It’s my hobby, it fills my spare time, and I have about 5 international trips planned in my head and on my hard drive. Hundreds of bookmarks, random notepad files and half-itineraries. What can I say, I love travelling and I love thinking about travel!

This post is about our plan for the Northern Territory. We decided to do this trip because:

  1. Jetstars Take A Friend For Free sale was on and it was SUCH a bargain
  2. We are moving to the U.S and felt we needed to see some iconic Australia
  3. I wanted to do a trip this year but not spend as much money as going overseas would incur!

So for anyone interested in doing a road trip in Central Austalia, here is a bit of a breakdown of our budget so far. Obviously there are parts I’m not quite sure about – i.e Fuel Costs, and Grocery/food costs, and can give a proper recount of once we have returned.

Flights: Jetstar’s Take A Friend For Free Sale! – it happens every year for their birthday in May and there rare some killer deals. It is how I managed to go to Japan in 2007 AND 2008 for under $650 return each time! Sign up to their mailing list, it’s worth it! (Though be prepared to be sorely tempted with each of their frequent sales newsletters! Such a tease! I want to buy them each time…)
We chose to fly into Uluru and out of Darwin.

$186 for both of us to Uluru and $216 Darwin-Melbourne. + $58 for 1 x checked bag we added on later when we decided to take our camping gear (as it saves $200 using cabins in Uluru/Kings Canyon!)

Cost: $460 (incl. booking fees)

Airport transport: Return Sky Bus tickets to get to/from the airport Cost: $60 for two people

hire car through Hertz, booked through VroomVroomVroom.com.au, unlimited km’s & no one way fee.
$50 park entry for us both
$36 campground fee for 2 for 1 night
$30? Food for 2 days/nights incl Kings Canyon: unsure – there is a grocery store there or places to dine, or we may take some instant type food in our luggage!

Kings Canyon:
$39 camping fee for 2 for 1 night

Alice Springs:
$705 – Campervan cost
$28 – Unpowered campground fee at  Gday Mate Caravan Park  only 5-10min drive from city centre.
$100 approx Food shopping for next 5 days


Banka Banka
$20 unpowered campground fees 2 people 1 night

Nitmiluk N.P
$76 for 2 people or 2 nights ($19 per person per night) Unpowered site
$98 canoeing – 2 people double canoe for full day 9am-4pm

$25- Camping fee 2 people 1 night, unpowered – Wangi Falls I think

$15 – taxi from Campervan drop off to Mindil beach
$30 Cab to Airport
$50 Dinner/drinks

$88 approx Hertz rental car (economy) approx 800kms.   6.3L per 100km  https://goo.gl/maps/kvxl1  a
 $400 approx for Campervan-  13L per 100km – 1740km, average $1.75per litre? https://goo.gl/maps/OtJTA


Grand total: Approximately $2450

Compared to the tours I’ve looked at this is pretty good, includes the places we want to see in the time frame we have, all food, and at our own pace!


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