Day 9 – Bucharest and arrive in Rome

Today was our final day in Bucharest and we mostly just walked around and killed time till our flight to Rome!

After arriving late into Rome airport, we couldn’t locate our seat-in-coach transfer waiting for us at arrivals. Supposedly they were meant to be holding a sign with our name on it but weren’t. We called them (expensive roaming mobile phone costs! :/ ) and eventually they told us to go to a desk and then we had to wait some more, and then our driver arrived. He then proceeded to get lost trying to find our hotel but we made it eventually to Hotel Smeraldo, which is great. Super convenient location, great staff, decent breakfast and room, even if it is the smallest shower cubicle EVER! You can’t turn around in it!

We went for a walk though it was about 9.30pm and found ruins right round the corner from us and a great restaurant for our first italian meal! so good to eat real food again and the prices are good too!



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