Day 6 – Hunyad in the Day & travel to Sighisiora

Today was a late start again due to most of our party feeling sorry for themselves after last nights festivities. We left at 11 and went up to Hunyad Castle to see it in the daylight, which was just as remarkable.
After this we made our way to Sighisiora Citadel where we checked in and had some free time. We went for a brief walk around the citadel and went up to the graveyard by ourselves, which was a creepy night walk up a black staircase to the Church on the Hill. We didn’t venture into the graveyard, but decided to go with the group after dinner (it was creepy!)

We opted out of the group dinner that night as didn’t want to eat anymore Romanian food as the veggie options are limited, but instead found a place with pizza and whiskey.
We all went up to the cemetery around 10/10.30pm and wandered around in the dark, which was creepy and cool.

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