Day 8 – Brasov, Peles Castle, Snagnov

80% of the group had a HUGE night last night and were definitely feeling it, but we woke up early and walked around Brasov – the Black Church looked amazing but didn’t open till 10am and we left at that time unfortunately 🙁
After Brasov we stopped at Peles Castle – a neo-renaissance style castle built for the royal family. Unfortunately it was not open for us to go inside but I was mainly interested in the beautiful exterior anyway. We went into the interior of the smaller castle, which to be honest, I didn’t find very exciting.
En route to Bucharest we also stopped at Snagnov Monastery, the supposed burial place of Vlad the Impaler. A beautiful quaint and quiet little island.
After this we went back to Bucharest, checked back into the Capitol Hotel and had our final group dinner at a Romanian/Italian place. After dinner a small number of us went to a few bars – Bordellos which apparently has burlesque shows on Friday nights but we were there on a Saturday. After this we walked past Fire Club which the internet told me was meant to be a Rock Club but didn’t look like it at all, so we kept walking and conveniently found a bar on a corner called “Bar Harley” I believe that was more of a hole in the wall dive bar, playing heavier rock music with much cheaper drinks, so we stayed there for a few drinks then headed back to the hotel.

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