Day 5 Sibiu and travel to Hunedeora

The original itinerary for the tour included a short hike through a BIOSPHERE national park today but as a group we had decided to swap this in favour of getting to see more of Sibiu as we only got in during the evening the night before. As such, today held no early departure and we had till 12pm to (sleep in) and look around! After a few more hours sleep than usual and an interesting hotel breakfast  we wandered around Sibiu streets. Its such a quaint and pretty place – or at least the older style part of town we were in is. Traditional, cobble stone paving, saxon style buildings, the ‘Large Square’ in the centre, the old towers and wall (as it was a walled village) and also the fact that theres an upper and lower part of town. Very cool. I’d definitely like to go back and spend a few days there.

At about 10am the museums opened so we went and had a look at the History Museum (20RON adult entry, 5RON student). Quite a small museum and housed in old traditional buildings, but there were weapons from the 15-19th centuries there which were amazing to look at – chain metal suits, armour and saddles and spurs, hand held cannons and old pistols, as well as swords, clubs, crossbows…
There was also an underground section full of old Roman statues and unscripted tombstones and tablets. So crazy that thing SO old are just sitting in this quaint little room/building – and a lot of them had catalogue (?) numbers written on them in what looked like permanent marker O_O
After the History museum, we went to the  Pharmacy/Apothecary museum, which was small but still interesting to look at. (10RON entry pp)
At 12pm we are back on the bus (where I am writing things) for a 4hour or so drive to Hunedeora – where we will spend the night and attend the Halloween Party at Hunyad Castle! 😀

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