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4 weeks!

In 4 weeks time we will be at our last day of work before the holiday! We have an almost midnight departure on the Friday 26October with Qatar Airways.
In the last few weeks I have organised our Doha stopover half day “Dunes Discovery” tour to go on our second day there. 4WD’ing up and down the sand dunes and visiting an Inland Sea! We organised this through Qatar Airways as well, which was almost the only company I found that didn’t have the minimum 4 people required. Plus got a little bit of an agent discount! 😉
We have decided to hire a car in the French town of Tours as well instead of going on an organised day trip with one of the local companies. This way we can do each Chateau at our own leisure and not be restricted to only visiting the ones offered by the tour company that day.
We will take the train from Paris to Tours as it is much quicker on the TGV than driving, and then pick up the car from EuropCar at the station. Again, booked through work with a nice little discount, every little bit adds up! 🙂
We also opted for airport transfers to and from Doha airport through our hotel, the Ramada Encore. Sure, it’s double what a taxi will apparently cost, but it’s still only $15! And we’d prefer the convenience especially since our flight arrives and departs super early in the morning!
We also booked a transfer from Otopeni Airport in Romania as well through a local company, as from what I’ve read taxi’s tend to overcharge from the airport to Bucharest, but heading back from city to airport should be fine.
Romania is the country I have least researched, so I’m actually pretty excited to visit there and be surprised as all I really know about it is that the castles are going to be amazing 😉 And Vlad of course.
Other than that, all I need to do now is buy some luggage. I’m thinking about getting a small backpack with wheels, I don’t want to carry a huge backpack and I’m planning on trying to travel light, for the first time ever 😉 I also want the convenience of wheels, but don’t want to take just a suitcase as I think it will be quite handy to be able to put the pack on my back while catching trains, walking down cobblestoned laneways in Italy and Venice, and just when I need to use my hands!
So I think the High Sierra bag is winning and I may purchase it today. I can always return it within 30days if it turns out my optimistic plans for light packing turn out to be unrealistic! 😛
I figure with Clint taking a larger bag, and sharing toiletries, we should be fine 🙂
Need to purchase some thermal long sleeved shirts to layer, and maybe some more fleecy stockings. I’m not sure how cold it is actually going to be! My biggest concern is Switzerland. I looked at the current temperatures at the tops of the mountains we are going to and there were no double digits O_o

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