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Two months

2 months! I’m super excited and feeling at a bit of a lack a everything is pretty much planned and researched – just need to save and get through each work day …
Itinerary is as follows!
2 days and nights in Doha, Qatar
7 day, 6 night tour through Transylvania/Romania starting and ending in Bucharest
Rome for 3 nights 3 days
Venice for 2 nights 1 day
Lauterbrunnen Switzerland for 2 nights 2 days
Bulle overnight to visit Gruyeres the next day then on to Paris
Paris 7nights 6 days!
Crazy jam packed holiday, I can’t wait.
On a photography note – there’s a lot of beautiful 100ISO slide film I want to try out in Europe for cross processing and regular E6, but I’m worried about late autumn early winter weather and cloud cover / lack of sunlight!
I’m going to get some Provia 400X film too just in case .. I guess I’ll just risk swapping film mid way if I have to and perhaps if I note down the frame number I’m at, I can try and either a.Rewind and leave the leader out (though I think my inexperience will hinder this) or b. get a lab to get the leader out for me later so I can reload and reshoot the rest of the role later on so as not to waste film!
I also should take some b&w … I want to take the Canon AE1 Program too but that’s 4 cameras to carry !

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