Middle East travel planning

Adding in Doha

Today at work I’m officially amending our Qatar Airways flights to give us a 2 day/night stopover in Doha on the way to Bucharest. We would’ve been departing on a Sunday night originally so decided we may as well make use of the few days before it that we have without having to take more leave, and the thought of some sun and interesting food before the rude shock of European cold weather is quite appealing !
It doesn’t look like there is a lot to do or see in Doha, the day trips for activities such as the sand dune bashing in 4WDs and out to the inland sea seem to require min 4pax which would mean we would have to pay double 🙁
Perhaps our hotel can arrange something for us once we are there.
I’m excited to fly with some good airlines for once, being that I have only flown with Jetstar (Japan twice and to Thailand last year) and United Airlines.

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