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Egypt & Etihad!

In October, 2015, I was lucky enough to get a place on a G Adventures fam trip for U.S based Travel Agents to Egypt. This meant that it was not a regular group departure – only travel agents would be attending (with a small participation fee ) accompanied by a G Adventures representative, and we would receive some training along the way.
Otherwise, the itinerary was very much the same as the classic Best of Egypt, with the bonus of upgraded accommodation in all but Cairo.

I was also very lucky to have the chance to purchase a special travel agent/industry rate with Etihad Airways on roundtrip flights from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi, potentially around 70% off its usual rate. I allowed myself an overnight there each way, and used my Virgin Australia frequent flyer miles for a roundtrip Abu Dhabi to Cairo.   $300 for flying almost 10,000 miles each way .. not bad!!

Even though I was taking the “long way” to Cairo via the UAE, I was happy to get to experience Etihad, even if it was in economy, and fly the third longest flight in the world – 16hrs20mins/16hrs45mins!!

I overnighted in Abu Dhabi and caught a flight to Cairo the next morning as otherwise the connection would have been too tight as I was on 2 separate tickets – plus I didn’t really want to arrive into Cairo at 2am!

The airport was super easy to navigate and a breeze to get through immigration and customs, and walk straight on through to the Premier Inn attached to the airport. I was very happy to have a long bath and sleep in a bed after the 16 hours on a plane!
I really enjoy taking pictures and experience plane food! Strange I know..but it’s nice to know what you’re going to get on an upcoming flight by people like me posting it in a blog -especially as a vegetarian!

Etihad impressed me with their vegetarian meals.
Vegetable korma with black dhal and rice and a curried cucumber salad as a starter, strawberry mousse as dessert and Spinach and vegetable curry with lentil & vegetable salad.

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