Nitmiluk Gorge

One of my favourite days on our Northern Territory road trips was the day we went canoeing in Nitmiluk Gorge (also commonly known as Katherine Gorge).
All tours – whether it be a boat cruise or canoeing – are booked through Nitmiluk Tours. We originally had looked at doing a cruise but they are quite short, don’t cover as many gorges, and frankly, are pretty expensive! We ended up amending our itinerary so we could fit in a full day of canoe hire. And boy, was it worth it!
We rented a double-canoe, and set off at 8am. From the beginning of the first gorge, it was breathtaking. We were the only ones out there, the sun was not yet too high in the sky, and we paddled along in the shade of the right side of the river. The water was cool and fresh, and the reflections of the gorge on the mirror like surface were stunning.

We reached the end of the first gorge where we had to pull our canoe up onto the bank, climb up and around and retrieve a second canoe to continue into the second gorge. We found a great lookout and had lunch at the end of the second gorge.

After carrying our canoe over the rocks between the second and third gorges, we paddled onward to the end of the third, and had a bit of a look around. Lots of rocks and sand, it was beautiful.


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