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Adding up the costs of the DV Green Card

Today I lodged my application for my National Police Check from Victoria Police so I decided to do a short blog post of our understanding of the costs of the DV Lottery process. (This is for us personally, in Melbourne, Australia).
The National Police Check from Victoria costs $43.70. But first it cost me $5 to have my documents and photocopies sighted and signed at the pharmacy, $8.95 for the money order, $3.50 for the postal envelope and $3.70 for registered post. We will both have to apply for them separately as well, so costs are doubled.
The Medical will cost approximately $500 each as per the Medibank website.
$1000 AUD
The interview fee is $330USD per person PLUS the cost of return flights to Sydney – luckily we have some flight credit to use so this won’t cost us anything 🙂 and we have friends in Sydney so at least we don’t have to pay accommodation.
USCIS Immigrant Fee of $165USD each to be paid online so we can actually receive our physical Green Card.
Total: $2430
Add on travelling costs:
Our flights are only going to cost up some taxes, as we have frequent flyer points – $145! Let’s say we take 1 extra bag each, thats $200.
Flying our dog over:
approximately $2000
Grand Total: $4775
…and then there is the cost of a months accommodation in LA before we find a rental… Rent upfront… Getting a car.. and living expenses in general till we get jobs! It certainly adds up, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we are going to make the most of it!!!

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