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Adding up the costs of the DV Green Card

Today I lodged my application for my National Police Check from Victoria Police so I decided to do a short blog post of our understanding of the costs of the DV Lottery process. (This is for us personally, in Melbourne, Australia).
The National Police Check from Victoria costs $43.70. But first it cost me $5 to have my documents and photocopies sighted and signed at the pharmacy, $8.95 for the money order, $3.50 for the postal envelope and $3.70 for registered post. We will both have to apply for them separately as well, so costs are doubled.
The Medical will cost approximately $500 each as per the Medibank website.
$1000 AUD
The interview fee is $330USD per person PLUS the cost of return flights to Sydney – luckily we have some flight credit to use so this won’t cost us anything 🙂 and we have friends in Sydney so at least we don’t have to pay accommodation.
USCIS Immigrant Fee of $165USD each to be paid online so we can actually receive our physical Green Card.
Total: $2430
Add on travelling costs:
Our flights are only going to cost up some taxes, as we have frequent flyer points – $145! Let’s say we take 1 extra bag each, thats $200.
Flying our dog over:
approximately $2000
Grand Total: $4775
…and then there is the cost of a months accommodation in LA before we find a rental… Rent upfront… Getting a car.. and living expenses in general till we get jobs! It certainly adds up, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we are going to make the most of it!!!

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  1. Andie Tham says:

    Hi there, I was wondering if you knew how long it was between you getting notified for your green card interview and when the actual date is?
    Im currently living in NY on a j-1 visa and was a successful dv applicant for 2015. I decided as im already here to do my interview in the US so i put my US address on my ds-260 form. I later (nov 6th) decided to change my interview country to SYD Australia as if i did it here i would have to do an adjustment of status (costs $1110), and also it seemed easier to do in syd. My number is current (mid 400’s) and im told they are up to #720 in who has been allocated an interview time (they have scheduled up until Feb 2015 so far). So techincally ive let a whole lot of people in front of my because i initially nominated NY as my interview place.
    Im just wondering if you knew how long is the time between when KCC emails you your time and date of your interview and when that actual time is? Just worried as my j-1 ends here in late March and also as ill have to fly home for it ideally i’d like more than a month to make all those plans. Any info would be of great help! Thanks!

    1. Hi Andie!
      Sorry about the late reply – Sorry that I can’t help you but I am unsure how long it will delay your interview changing from AOS to an interview in SYD! I would ask on 🙂 we have an OC thread on there!
      Hopefully you have already found out your date!

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