Valencia was my favourite part of the trip, a sweet little town with orange trees scattered through the city, beautiful architecture,  and an old river bed turned into a park for the community, as well as the beach being so close!
There was a lot of amazing street art:

We took a bike ride through the old river bed/now park, up to the Museum of Art and Science, an interesting sci-fi type building, before going back to the bike shop and heading back to the Purple Nest hostel. The rest of the night was dinner at the hostel and a good ol’ fashioned pub crawl. No photos from that one, but suffice to say my head hurt the next day.

After seeking out hearty breakfast,we took a walk around Valencia and caught a bus down to the beach. That afternoon I again took a walk solo through the city, had lunch at a little italian place and just enjoyed the sunshine and ambience of Valencia’s town centre.


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