Nha Trang

Our train arrived at Nha Trang early at 4:30am, where we disembarked, bleary eyed and sleep deprived (apart from me, as I actually slept for most of the journey). We were not looking forward to having to wait till 12pm before we our rooms were ready, but thankfully on arrival we were given our keys!

The hotel room had air conditioning but was overall was not as nice as the one in HCM, but definitely still perfect ably useable hotel room. (Yes, the sink smelled funny as the lever for the shower water didn’t quite work like normal, but there was air con, beds and hot water so I was happy!)
We spent the morning catching up on sleep, and I went down to breakfast with the group at 9 next door, whole Steph continued to sleep.
We all decided on doing the Mud Bath excursion later that day at 130pm, Steph and i were going to opt out of the mud and just swim in the pool and mineral baths.
We chose to opt out of the excursion completely when we found out that the pool was heated to 38 degrees. Not really what we wanted to do on a 31 degree day!
Instead we went for a walk along the main beach road and found a hotel (Best Western Premier Havana) which let us use its pool for 200,000 ($10aud), which they never ended up charging us.



We ordered $5 cocktails and ended up spending the afternoon lounging on the pool beds as there was such a strong cool breeze off the ocean that we didn’t feel like swimming.
Afternoon well spent!



IMG_9508 IMG_9504


After showering back at our hotel we met the group and headed out to dinner together for a local popular Vietnamese BBQ… Naturally, being vegetarian, I was dubious about this.. It wasn’t amazing for a vegie but there was enough to eat. The smell got to me eventually though. Myself and the other vegetarian ordered Barbeque vegetables, which you cook at the table on a little portable fire with coals and grill, noodles and vegetables, and veg spring rolls. Edible but not amazing.
We briefly checked out a night market on the way back to the hotel, and then decided to get massages at a place that was open nearby.
It was an interesting experience, not a great massage and was hard to relax when the Vietnamese massage guys were talking to each other and laughing, while massaging us…
After this experience we just went to bed, with plans to sleep in as much as we could the next day.
I managed to sleep till about 9am, and Steph slept a bit longer.
We didn’t want to join the group for the cycling as 3 hours biking around in the sun didn’t sound very fun to us, so we took our time getting ready in the morning and then headed out to explore a bit more.
I has enabled a data roaming pack on my phone so I typed in “com chay” (vegetarian) and we walked to the nearest on the map only to find it was closed. Luckily the map showed another round the corner and we headed there. We found a small, very local, quan eatery – that is, all the food prepared in a cabinet that you can see and point at. We ordered 2 dishes of rice, mine with everything and tried to get Steph’s with only tofu and veg incase the faux meats had gluten.
We also ordered two pepsi’s as what we thought was some light yellow tea type coloured flavoured drink, was actually water.. Dirty coloured water..
The whole meal for the both of us was 45.000dong … Not even $2,50AUD, and it was good! Definitely need to try and find more places like that.


It was nice to get away from the main tourist streets too – after lunch we stumbled onto food markets with fresh fruit and vegetables, where we bought a bag full of mangosteens and longan and rambutan.
It was then pool time and we caught a cab ($1.50) to the Best Western Havana again , swam and had cocktails.

IMG_9513  IMG_9517 IMG_9511


After heading back and showering we went out to dinner at the Lantern hotel, before catching the night train again.



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