We caught the train from Venice, via Milan, to Switzerland to stay in  Lauterbrunnen, a valley village in the Bernese Highlands area. It was a beautiful journey as we started getting into the mountains in Switzerland, and I was pretty excited to see snow, and travel past the gorgeous lakes.
We arrived into the tiny village of Lauterbrunnen, nestled between the steep mountains with cascading waterfalls, and walked the short distance from the trains (which looked like toy sets) up to our hostel. It is the off season so it is quiet in town, and slightly rainy.
Our hostel is clean and welcoming, and our private room is large, with the cutest decor (see pictures!) The view out the window is breathtaking. I could stay here for much longer.
As our plans have changed slightly and we are no longer visiting Gruyere, I’m actually happy just to have a few days of relaxing in this beautiful place.
We visited the Jungfrau mountain – even the weather for viewing wasn’t the best (read: snow and clouds) it was still an awesome thing to do, the “Top of Europe” and the highest train station. I actually enjoyed standing out on the viewing deck in the snow and freezing wind, even just momentarily.
We also tried fondue at the restaurant at the top of the mountain. We are not a fan of cheese fondue. :/

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