We spent 2 nights in Venice – the first night we arrived a bit earlier than expected, so left our bags at our hotel Locanda Casa Petraca as they were not ready/there yet to let us into our room due to us catching an early train.
We wandered around Venice for an hour or so, remarkably not getting lost! Our hotel had provided a great little map on how to get from the Water Bus station to the hotel, so we had no trouble there either. Venice at that time of night was quiet and beautiful.
The next morning after a cute breakfast served to us by the owner of the hotel/b&b, we went sightseeing to Piazza San Marco  and St Mark’s Basilica.
We walked aimlessly for most of the day around Venice, just enjoying how pretty it was and glad that we’d missed the tides! How Clint managed to navigate us back to where we started I do not know 😉

We had coffee in a little piazza in between residential buildings, where people were walking their dogs/babies. It was quiet, and authentic, and as the rest of Venice, very pretty.
We had dinner that night at a tiny little restaurant, with a rude old waiter 😉 but the food was good nonetheless! I tried Limoncello, to which the waiter seemed disgusted when I asked whether you drink it mixed or straight. “NO! Straight.” So straight and strong it was. Not really a fan!
We also ate delicious gelato on our last night as well. It was very good and cheap, compared to here!


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