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Transylvanian Castles

Castles we will be seeing in Romania

Dracula’s “Poenari Castle”

 Poenari Castle in Sibiu – a 14th Century castle which was abandoned and left in ruins till the 15th Century, when Vlad the Impaler took it upon himself to renovate and claim it for his own fortress. The castle was later abandoned again entirely sometime in the 16the Century and eventually came to ruins from neglect and, later, nature forces.  There are 1480 steps to be climbed to reach the tower!
Hunyad Castle

Next is Hunyad Castle in Hunedoara where we will attend a most likely cheesy Halloween Party! This castle was originally built and inhabited in the early 1300’s by the King of Hungary at the time. It is an impressive looking Gothic-Renaissance building, which apparently was  (by our standards)  recently renovated after fire and neglect took it’s toll, whether it was kept true to its original design is a matter of debate.
Vlad the Impaler is said to have been held prisoner here by Hunyadi…
Bran Castle

Near Brasov is Bran Castle, inaccurately known as ‘Draculas Castle’. After it’s beginnings as a fortress, the castle became home to Royalty in the 1920’s, and currently displays art and furniture collected ‘Queen Marie’ of Romania as a museum for tourists.
Neo-Renaissance Peles Castle

Peles Castles is near Sinaia, in th Carpathian Mountains. Built in the late 1800s to early 1900’s  for Romanian Royalty by a German architect, Peles Castle was the first local electricity powered castle in the world and said to have cost in todays value $120million in gold.

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